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Alocasia Zebrina (Nickname Brina)

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The Alocasia Zebrina

is a zebra-patterned, yellow and black plant with large floppy leaves that look like elephant ears. The plant has lanky stems and big, full leaves that gives the home a bohemian vibe.

Alocasia Zebrina is only toxic to pets if they bite into them. Biting into this plant can cause irritation to the mouth and tissue penetration.


How to Care for the Alocasia Zebrina Plant

Light: The Alocasia Zebrina is a tropical plant so it requires lots of light. Indirect light is best for this plant, but it can handle direct light for up to four hours.

Water: The Brina plant needs to be well-watered. The trick is to water frequently with little amounts of water. Use a drainage hole pot and water the plant at least 2-3 times a week.

Soil: Because the Alocasia Zebrina needs a well- draining pot, it also needs well-draining soil. The best type of soil for this plant is composted soil

Temperature and Humidity: The Alocasia Zebrina loves tropic places and tropic temperatures. This plant should be placed in temperatures of 60-85. It is best kept away from ACs.

Fertilizer: These plants need lots of fertilizer to survive. To keep up with the eating habits of the Alocasia Zebrina, plant two pounds of fertilizer for every 100 square feet of soil.



Pot Size: 20-22cm