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How can I revive a dying plant? 5 step guide

by Jennifer Panxhi on April 15, 2023

So, you’ve got a dying plant on your hands. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Reviving a dying plant can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. With a little bit of effort and some quick thinking, you can bring your plant back from the brink of death.

1. Identify

First things first, identify the problem. Is your plant getting too much or too little water? Is it getting enough sunlight? Are there any pests or diseases attacking the plant? Once you’ve figured out what’s causing the problem, it’s time to take action.

2. Check water

If your plant is getting too much water, stop watering it for a few days and let the soil dry out. If it’s not getting enough water, make sure to water it thoroughly, but not too frequently. Don’t let the soil become waterlogged, as this can suffocate the roots and cause further damage.

3. Check sunlight

If your plant isn’t getting enough sunlight, move it to a spot where it can get more natural light. If it’s getting too much sunlight, move it to a shadier area. Be sure to monitor the plant closely and adjust its location as needed.

4. Get rid of pests

If pests or diseases are attacking your plant, identify the problem and treat it accordingly. There are a variety of natural and chemical treatments available, depending on the problem.

5. Give love

Last but not least, give your plant some love! Trim off any dead or damaged leaves, and give it a mild fertiliser to help it regain strength. Talk to your plant, sing to it, and give it plenty of TLC.

Reviving a dying plant can be a fun and exciting challenge. Who knows, you might even become a plant whisperer! Just remember, patience and perseverance are key. So get to work, and let’s bring that plant back to life! If you would like more tip and how to keep your plants alive, check out our other blogs or visit our store in Shoreditch London.


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