About Us


This all began this year.....2020.

After being made redundant in my long term role in a Large investment Bank and after that I went from a few contract roles in other investment companies.  The last role, didn't end well and as a result, my contract ended.  For most of my life,  I have always been drawn to Fashion, Interior and Architecture Design and passionate about styling too.

My frustrations kept on building up and I was not being fulfilled.  I was approached for other roles within Investment Banking but deep down in my heart, it wasn't what I wanted to do.  I wanted to be free to create, design and work in my talent.

We opened our first Plant, florist and dried flowers shop on Brick Lane.  I'm literally on fire with passion to create.  I'm so passionate about the plants we sell, the excitement that is so fulfilling and enjoying.  I've literally found a newness of life.  I feel free to create.  Styling plants for our clients and making suggestions about where they would be best positioned and styling with the appropriate Plant pots, vases and colours to.

I have made so many new friends and I love our customers, they are all amazing.

I love the freedom to create everyday.  I put on my tunes....dance and get inspired to crack on with new inspirations and ideas.  I love my plant job.  It has been the best job of my life #freedom