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Fatsia Japonica

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The Fatsia Japonica

is Native to Japan and a low maintenance plant and great for purifying the air. It is fast-growing, hardy and evergreen.  It has this gorgeous  beautiful palmate foliage in a vibrant green shade. The leaves of this plant stay green in winter which is a real bonus, and it blooms in early autumn too.  It is great for indoor and outdoor too.

This plant is Toxic to dogs and both the leaves and stem can cause vomiting and diarrhoea, as well as stomach, intestinal and respiratory problems.


How to Care for the Fatsia Plant

Light:  When indoor, Fatsia Japonica loves to be in part shade and Indirect light is best for this plant.

Water: The Japonica requires frequent misting and water more during the summer period.  


Soil: Fatsia Japonica soil should be kept moist but not soggy. The best type of soil for this plant is composted soil

Temperature and Humidity: The Fatsia Japonica loves to be placed in room that is well-lit but not too near a window as the sunlight can damage the leaves.

Fertilizer: Use and tree and shrub plant fertiliser. 



Pot Size: 21 cm

Height: 35 - 45 cm