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Ficus Lyrata (Nickname: Fiddle Leaf Fig)

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig

is called this nickname because it has large, violin-shaped leaves that protrude from every section of its stem. The plant is native to western Africa where it grows to be over 40 feet tall.

This plant is extremely toxic to pets, especially if ingested. It can cause a lot of irritation within dogs and cats.

How to Care for the Ficus Lyrata Plant

Light: The Ficus Lyrata requires bright lights that are filtered. They can also survive in dimly-lit rooms, and tolerate a little bit of sun.

Water: The soil in the Fiddle Leaf Fig should be damp at all times. Water the plant two to three times to ensure it keeps this level of moistness.

Soil: This plant best thrives with medium-moisture, well-draining soil. It needs one-third to one-half cactus potting mix in addition to the soil.

Temperature and Humidity: The temperature of the Fiddle Leaf Fig does not have to be specific. Because it originates in a tropical area, it should be kept in temps ranging from 55 F to 85F, but it can withstand most any temperature.

Fertilizer: The Ficus Lyrata requires a 3,2,1 fertilizer. It should be fertilized once month in the Spring and Fall months, and quarterly from Fall to Spring.


Pot Size (small): 12.5-15cm

Pot Size (large): 22-25cm