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Monstera (Cheese Plant)

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Monstera (Cheese Plant)

is essentially a species of evergreen Tropical vines of Southern Mexico to Panama. It has holes and splits in it's leaves that bloom out in all directions.  It is a show stopper plant.  This is a brilliant houseplant that is perfect for people who want to create a bit of plant design touch in that empty space.


This plant is very toxic to Cats. One bite can lead them in severe pain.

How to Care for the Monstera (Cheese) Plant

Light: Place your Monstera where it can receive medium to bright indirect light. Monstera (Cheese) plant is an indoor plant, it requires bright, indirect light. Too much harsh, direct sunlight can end up scorching the leaves.

Water: One of the biggest problems plant owners face with the Monstera plant is overwatering. To make sure this doesn’t happen, only water it when the top half of the soil is completely dry.

Soil: The soil for the Monstera grows best in peat-based potting soil. The soil should also be well-draining and have room for extensive roots to grow.

Humidity and Temperature: A general room temperature is best for the Dragon Tree. Keep it in a temperature range of 65F to 85F.

Air Purifying Plant:  Monstera plants are most effective for reducing air pollution.


Fertilizer:  The preferred way of fertilizing Monstera Cheese Plant is to use a liquid fertilizer. Give them a little bit of fertilizer at the beginning of Spring, and don’t feed them during the winter.


Pot Size: 13 CM

Height: 45 - 55 CM